Our Boarding Facilities
We offer both indoor and outdoor Runs for our boarding dogs. Both sets
of Runs are 10' x 3' for each dog.

The indoor Kennels are divided with PVC panels for privacy during meal
time and over night stays.

The outdoor Kennels are partially covered for protection from the sun
and are Chain Link offering a clear view of the yard as well as the other
dogs. This keeps them all entertained during their stay.

We feed Iams or Science Diet Pet Foods to our Boarders. If you would
like to bring your own food that would be fine. In fact you may bring
beds, toys or anything else you feel would make you pet's stay more
Cats are Boarded Indoors in stainless steel kennels. They have a limited
view of the other Boarders as most cats are stressed by face to face
contact with other cats.
Hospital Board and Rabies Observation are not
considered Boarding and will be charged a different fee.
During the Summer months, we offer Air Conditioned kennels for the
dogs for an additional $ 2.00 per day
Our Boarding Fee's are based on the size and weight of your pet. Our
rates are daily and you will be charged for each day your pet it with us.
To help you protect
your Pet, we have added
information pages.

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