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When a beloved pet passes away you have several options.
You can bury them at home (some cities have laws against this), you can
have them buried at a Pet Cemetery or you can have them Cremated.
We offer Cremation at our Clinic. If you decide to Cremate, there are
several options available to you.
1 - Have us dispose of the ashes or have them returned to you.
If you choose, we can dispose of the remains for you. There are no
additional fees if you would like your pets remains returned to you.
2 - Individual or Group Cremation
Group Cremation is the most common choice. What this means is that
your pet would be cremated at the same time as other pets. If you
choose to have the remains returned to you, you will only receive your
pets remains.
If you would be more comfortable, we can Cremate your pet alone.
Individual cremation has an additional fee.
3 - Pet Urns
Your pets remains will be returned to you in a hand crafted wooden
Urn. If you would like a different Urn, we have a large variety to
choose from. Please ask our staff, we will be able to help you make
these decisions at a difficult time.
To help you protect
your Pet, we have added
information pages.

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