The Way we do things:
We at the Perry Animal Clinic believe that Euthanasia is a humane way to
end a pet's suffering. Quality of life is most important. We do not believe that
Euthanasia should be used to discard of an unwanted pet. There are
always other options to consider.
If you call for an appointment to have your pet "put to sleep", we will
schedule a consultation with Dr. McGuire. After discussing all the options, if
it is agreed by everyone involved, then we will proceed with the Euthanasia.
We require that all pet's be sedated before receiving the lethal injection.
You may choose to stay with your pet or leave him / her with us. Some
people choose to stay with their pet until the sedative kicks in and leave for
the final injection. We will do all we can to make this difficult time go as
smoothly as possible. You may choose to take him / her home to bury the
remains or have them Cremated.
You may look into Cremation on our Services Page.
To help you protect
your Pet, we have added
information pages.

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